The College Success Habits Podcast

Sparking your new term toward success

August 12, 2021

Ep 109 - Each term is its own entity, its own world. You can choose to replicate the habits from the previous term or reinvent yourself if you are in the seat of self-awareness that opens you up to more desirable habits.

You can seek to uncover what sparks you and then set about making that happen in this term. How are you going to schedule your time? How are you going to prioritize what is important to you and then expand your world to add more to your experience.

Time management, organizational structure, communication with your professors, TAs, and classmates will open you up to the resources and the guidance that will bring your term to a successful conclusion.

Just hit play and lets get into this topic before you semester starts and you are just going about it all without the direction and focus that will lead you new term toward the success you desire.


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