The College Success Habits Podcast

College Success Habits Explained

May 7, 2019

Ep #01 - Welcome to the College Success Habits Podcast with Jesse Mogle, me. Through this podcast, I will be teaching you how to get through college successfully along with my expert guests. 

I actually spent 12 years of my life attending college and no, I'm not a doctor. Instead, I am an internationally published journalist that has worked in countries like Singapore, the Bahamas, and Western Europe. I've also worked as a radio DJ, a copy editor for multiple major publications, and even the lead new anchor for a television station in Los Angeles.

After 12 years of college, I learned a few things and I have distilled down my tips, tricks, and hacks for success into this podcast. When you listen to this show, I will share how you can get through college easier and more effectively no matter what age you are. 

This show is all about success habits, productivity, and helping students become more effective. I will rant on success habits, interview educators, administrators, and top students who have the results that you want. All this and more, on the College Success Habits Show with me, Jesse Mogle.

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