The College Success Habits Podcast

Be extremely flexible in college (Hey! Mind outta the gutter;)

August 16, 2019

Ep #17 - In this weeks episode we discuss principle # - Flexibility.

No...not that kinda flexibility - this isn't a yoga podcast. LOL

Flexibility is critical because through that pliability you will better overcome challenges, reduce your stress level (when things do go awry,) and ultimately be more successful than others (who are more rigid and set in their ways.) 

Flexibility is the ability to demonstrate a fluid approach to your work, relationships, and life. It is you being able to figure out a new way when an obstacle shows itself.

 Action steps to work through and follow. Write these down and go through them regularly.

1. Start small, end big.

2. Figure out your priority level for the intended outcome.

3. Stop, think, evaluate, move - STEM.

4. Alter your habits.

5. Try something new.

6. Release the stress

7. Trust yourself.

 Questions to ask yourself, work through, and follow. Write these down and go through them regularly.

  1. Am I inflexible in my small decisions?
  2. Am I selfish? 
  3. Am I setting healthy boundaries?
  4. Where can I compromise?
  5. What is my priority level for this?
  6. Where can I alter a habit to make it more positive?
  7. Do I trust myself?

Important: Am I using STEM 

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