The College Success Habits Podcast

Applying the 4 Learning Styles as a Habit

June 6, 2019

Ep # 07 - Welcome back to another edition of the College Success Habits podcast. In today's discussion, I will be reviewing the prior episode's interview with Gretchen Potts and I'm going to break down each of her 4 learning styles that she revealed on that show. If you have not yet listened to the prior episode, I would highly recommend you go back and catch up before listening. 

As a brief review, Gretchen Potts named 4 learning styles which were as follows: (1) The No Fear, (2) The Procrastinator, (3) The Spinner / The Overthinker, and (4) The Vision Squanderer. 

Today, I will be describing these four learning styles in detail and clearing up any questions that may be lingering. Self-awareness is an important factor in creating college success habits and when you can recognize your particular learning style, you can then make the appropriate adjustments that will help you reach maximum efficiency.

If learning styles interest you like they do me, you are going to get a lot out of today's discussion. Enjoy!

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