The College Success Habits Podcast

An object in motion stays in motion, so be all about that action boss

August 2, 2019

Ep #15 - In this weeks episode we discuss principle #4 - Action. 

Procrastination and/or perfectionism are massive hindrances to action. Being action-oriented is crucial in life because its the only way you’ll know if the decision you made was the right one for you or not. 

In college, being action-oriented is insanely important because you have everything at your disposal, a world of opportunities. It is a rare time in your life when you will generally be surrounded by people seeking to evolve and propel their lives in a new direction. Getting into a rhythm, discovering your true self, and moving toward your destiny should be priorities in your university life.

How to take action? 

1. Get up and do something!

2. Realize the conditions to start will never be perfect.

3. Stop over-analyzing.

4. Take action every day.

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